Dwell $5.95 for 6 issues
Elle $7.96 for 10 issues
Harpers Bazaar $7.99 for 10 issues
Time $6 for 12 issues
Daily Word $12.60 for 6 issues
Guideposts $11.99 for 6 issues
Town & Country $11.99 for 9 issues
Us Weekly $10.86 for 26 issues

DEAL OF THE DAY: Afar $14 for 4 issues
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MagazinePriceSearch.com was created by Michael Coley, the founder of Amazing-Bargains.com and Bible-Reading.com in the Spring of 2003. The preliminary launch of the site was on 5/10/03 and the official launch came on 6/25/03!

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at this time.

Michael got the idea for the site one day when he and his wife were waiting at the obstetrician's office. While waiting to see the doctor, they were reading Parents Magazine. They really liked it, so they took one of the subscription cards in it. The publisher wanted $10 per year. There were four magazine sites listed on Amazing-Bargains.com at the time, so he checked the prices through each of them. Two were $10. One was $9. One was $4 with a coupon. WOW!

So, he started wondering whether that store was always the cheapest. He checked a few magazines, and it really varied. He checked around and found nearly two dozen stores that sold magazine subscriptions online. He thought it would be really great to be able to compare all of those sites, so he got to work.

He found that things were more complicated than he expected, but not impossible. Different sites called the same magazines slightly different things. Some had just one term. Most had multiple terms, some by years and some by issues. Sometimes those terms didn't match up. Sometimes shorter terms gave the best price, sometimes longer terms gave the best price. Many sites had coupons. Some coupons applied only to specific categories or specific magazines. Every site had different categories. Some had subcategories. And then there were cover images... It was a real challenge to build a database that would make it simple to compare prices, taking everything into consideration.

He didn't let that stop him though. He started building, extracting data, and identifying the best deals. He was amazed. Some magazines were under $0.20 per issue. Some subscriptions were under $3. Prices changed frequently.

He realized that a search option would be essential, so he worked very hard on a search that would generate the best matches.

As things progressed, he continued to add new magazine stores, match up magazines, merge duplicates, and add new features. Within a few months, the site became very popular, received quite a bit of press coverage, and in October 2003 MagazinePriceSearch.com was named the Computer Shopper Site of the Month!

In September, 2004, a new logo and color theme was designed by Clear Image Graphics. Erma is incredibly talented and will be helping me with the design of several new sites that I'll be building soon.

MagazinePriceSearch.com is still a work in progress. New magazines are added daily, prices change very regularly, we are always looking for reputable new stores to add, and there are tons of new ideas for the site. If you have any suggestions or notice any problems with the site, please let us know!

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TV Guide

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Time $6 for 12 issues

Us Weekly $10.86 for 26 issues

Elle $7.96 for 10 issues

People $36.40 for 26 issues

Dwell $5.95 for 6 issues

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